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yeah, smitten as that

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i am home for break. !!!! so far it has been pretty good. mike is in mexico. i'm actually pretty bored. i have to figure out something to do for this next week. i'm getting a filling tomorrow at the dentist. eeeeeegggh. fun. but i kind of like having my mouth all numb, so yay. i really hate having to hold my mouth open for so long though. i suck at it.
i think i'll go to the library tuesday.
hf tomorrow!
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i pierced my nose.

pictures to come.

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i hated french in high school, and i hate french in college.

GREAT WEEKEND and it went by too too fast.

left around 3 to go to oxford to surprise mikey!!
got there around 7, OH time.
went to mike' polo game
surprised him
watched the rest of the game
hung out with my baby!!!
went to two of his friends' house
came back

woke up
ate chipotle with mikey and dan
watched several games- mikey kicked butt
ate dinner with mikey, chloe, owen and andy!
hung with chloe and andy
went to mike's game with chloe and andy
watched tom etc get kicked out of the game
went back to peabody with mikey
caught the bus
went to a party for 5 minutes
walked back

woke up
drove to the rec to watch the 9 o clock game
came back
slept more
went to the 1 o clock game
left my boo

it's going to be hard to sleep tonight with no mikey.
but we're seeing eachother in 2 weeks!! sweet, huh?? and then the next weekend he's here at indiana for polo! awesome jawsome.
we want to go to ny to see david but the prices are kind of steep only two weeks in advance...but this is really the only chance we have to do it...) : we'll see. it would be awesome to go to cornell. my two best friends!

and i'm wallowing--listening to my "droopy" itunes playlist. but that's okay, sometimes it makes it better to wallow, at least you're totally immersed in the feeling. rather than feeling shitty but listening to cheery music. so it's all good.
i have to finish this fuckin' french thing...i hate french. one and a half more semesters, pretty much.

it's just so awesome to hang out with mike. do the things he normally does, see where he goes, see who he sees, etc. it makes me wonder. if miami had had a good theatre program and if i hadn't been morally against following your boyfriend to college, things would be very different. but things are good now. sometimes it just sucks. i feel like i'm missing a lot of mike that i could be seeing. i want to know him completely, not only every two weeks. and i know we talk everyday, but you know. oh well, though.

it's cool. it makes visits so much better!!!!! and he is just so cute. i can't get over how adorable my boy is. his hair is all curly and long-ish. i brought my camera...but forgot the battery. ironic, huh? unfortunate at least. so, i can't post pics because i didn't take any.

but. i must get going on french. and annie just got home!! so that brought my mood up a bunch.

all in all, woooonderful weekend. time with my darlin', special guest appearances by andrew and tom. it was fun.
i hope this week goes by fast. i guess next weekend is homecoming. which i'm assuming will be fun. oh-i brought home some liquor too. that will make the week go by more enjoyably, though maybe not more quickly. hah.

ok. listen to naomi by the neutral milk hotel.
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confused hot and cold.
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creep, radiohead
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i love yogurt. !!

so i downloaded the new itunes, and it's great...with one small setback...IT WIPED OUT MY ENTIRE LIBRARY OF MUSIC.

if anyone has any suggestions on how to get it back, please...pleaaaaase help me.

today was funny. slept until 1230, then sat around, then ate, then slept until 530, then showered, cleaned and did homework. now i'm waiting to watch a movie with anne and nick. anne has a ton of homework. i'm really lucky that i passed out of english 131 because it seems like a pain in the ass. ugh.

ok, nick's coming down. later gators.
sorry for the pointless update!

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what a night. i don't even know how what happened turned into what happened.

bad, but i guess good. but thinking about it all is just making me feel sad again, so i'm just going to read or go to bed or something. whatever. you know

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! maybe there is such a thing as too much fun?

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melancholy melancholy, how trite is that.
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i just picked up my whole semester of free bowling from the union. it's this little card. pretty cute. i wonder if i'll ever use it. hmm!
i should.

did SO much laundry today. i think i must have worn, on average, two outfits a day, just because i get so sweaty and stinky walking out in the blazing indiana sun to and from class. i love the feeling i get after i put away all of my newly done laundry.

justin is online!!! i miss justin.

mike is off to tennessee today. how about that??

i took an awesome nap today, from like, 10:30 to 12. mmmm. then i had a caesar salad for lunch. then we saw justine while we were doing laundry! i love justine! she might hang out with us tonight, which would be sweeet.

yeah. i might do something now. like watch a movie. hmmm.

goodnight. er, afternoon!

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done for today!
i'm going to do my french and then sort of practice my monologue and then i'm just going to have a crazy party and dance and dance and dance. haaaaaaaaaaah just kiiiiidddding!!!! oooh boyyyyy.

v8 juice is so good...especially mango peach...mmmm. mango y melocoton. just liiiike heaaaven!!!

mike and i decided that we are going to live together this summer. you know, in a tree house, or the sewers. where ever.

i'm doing this stupid little dance in my chair, i'm like shaking my shoulders. hah, back to carrie the old old woman.

last night we tried to watch somethings gotta give, and it was just kind of gross. now, i love my diane keaton as much as the next girl, but like, jack nichiolson just grossed me out. no offense, dude. and keanu can't act for shit. but i mean, it's cool. we left and came back right when they were about to do it (jack and diane) and then we left again. it was a little too much. i think we're just like, 35 years too young to enjoy it. maybe i'll check back with somethings gotta give during menopause.

tonight is supposed to be a girl's night movie. kristen, kel, chloe, anne, me. hmm. i want to see 40 year old virgin, but i'm too lazy to figure out the buses. maybe we'll eat chinese food for dinner! OMGOLSMOALLSJFLSJOAISOJ!!!

i'm listening to possibly the sweetest playlist ever made in the whole history of playlists. oh wow.
now it's the smiths. ahahahahhaah. and i'm going to be meet the one i looooooooooooove so please don't stand in my way!!

did mrs healy read 'there are no children here' to anyone else's art class?? we're reading this book in soc that reminds me of it a lot. 'ain't no makin' it'

ok, time for some freeeench. oui, oui, OOOOUUUIIIII!!!!

this is really good juice.

i thought that if you had an accoustic guitar now that it meant you were a protest singer! oh, i can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible!
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chipper chipper
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was common, now the cure
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so i'm done for the day. my acting prof had to stay home and watch his kids because they didn't have school today, so he cancelled class. i'm kind of sad that school and classes got so old so fast...

i'm seriously considering changing my double major to theatre and art history from theatre and english. i know that theatre and art history have very little to do with eachother, but english doesn't really get me going like art history does. i misssss art. a lot. it's so weird not having an art class, it's like part of me is rusting and falling apart. speaking of, i think i'm going to email petecki.

last night anne and i watched just married with this kid steve, and it put both of us in sad, horrible moods. really depressing. it made me miss mike about a gajillion times more, just because i missed him and everything. it sucks a big old fat one. but whatever. if i just sit around thinking about it, and if i keep watching romantic, sappy movies, it will just get worse. so from now on, i only watch slasher movies with no romantic subplot, ok!?!?!?!?!? aaaaahahaaaaaaa.

we ate at mcdonalds for the first tme last night. i had a chicken sandwich and it was surprisingly fancy.

we can get the new york times and usa today for free here!! so i do!!

i think i'm going to take a nap now, and then read some don quixote. that is really all i have to do tonight, for tomorrow. that is very good. poor anniepie is sick. it is very sad having a sick roommate. oh yes.

ok, before i get any weirder, i'm out.
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apathetic apathetic
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of montreal
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